Zionsville Council Approves Appropriations for New Roundabout • Current Edition

Zionsville City Council voted 6-0 at its July 6 meeting to approve an appropriation of $38,500 from the Motor Vehicle Highway Fund and $160,000 from the Road Impact Fee Fund for the highway roundabout project from County 800 East and Oak Street.

Lance Lantz

The sum of the road fund for motor vehicles will be used for the acquisition of land. Director of Public Works Lance Lantz said the council originally budgeted $1.2 million for land acquisition over the life of the project.

Lantz requested a reduced credit of $600,000 earlier this year based on 2021 expenses, but said he underestimated.

“If you approve this appropriation, we will actually only spend $953,823.10 of the $1.2 million originally allocated and set aside for this purpose,” Lantz said at the meeting. “So while this is a request for additional money, technically we’re about a quarter of a million dollars under budget for this particular phase of the project.”

Credits from the Road Impact Fee Fund will be allocated to an offset contract to allow for the relocation of utilities prior to the construction phase. Typically, utility relocation happens at the same time as construction, Lantz said.

“Since we have a major closure to accomplish this roundabout, we want to make sure that everything we can do reasonably in advance to ensure there are no setbacks during construction (is done ),” Lantz said.

The roundabout, which will replace a traffic light at the intersection of County Road 800 East and Oak Street, requires a complete closure to east-west and north-south traffic. The closure will last about three months, according to the City of Zionsville’s website.

“We are in the process of developing a traffic maintenance and diversion plan,” Lantz said. “It will likely be two-tiered, one for trucks with larger hauling needs and one for smaller passenger vehicles.”

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