Weather update: Pakistan will receive heavy rain this monsoon

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has predicted “above average rainfall” in the upcoming monsoon season. According to a press release, the Met Office said the monsoon season is expected to start in the last week of June, while the pre-monsoon rains are expected to start in the second week of that month.

Weather update: Pakistan will receive heavy rain this monsoon

The weather forecast indicates that the first phase of the monsoon is expected to continue from July 1 to mid-August, while the last phase of the season will continue until the end of September. The country is likely to receive above average rainfall of 140.8 mm during the July to September period.

However, the PMD, in the weather update, warned that heavy rains could trigger urban flooding in different parts of the country, while causing landslides in hilly areas during the upcoming monsoon. Additionally, the exceptionally high temperatures will also increase the rate of snow and ice melt in northern regions.

Meanwhile, the heavy rains will result in the availability of sufficient water for the irrigation and electricity sectors.

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