Weather update: lower temperatures expected, sunny week ahead | Local news

Temperatures are expected to drop slightly lower this evening than previously reported, according to an updated forecast from the National Weather Service.

While the Herald reported yesterday that tonight’s low is expected to drop to around 22 degrees, an update from the National Weather Service puts temperatures 17 degrees cooler at midnight.

However, temperatures are expected to start rising again from Monday, although nighttime temperatures will remain mixed.

Monday’s high is currently expected to be 54 degrees cold, while Tuesday and Wednesday will hover around the mid-1960s.

Southerly winds will persist early in the week through Tuesday, providing a warmer breeze that can raise temperatures slightly when wind speeds are low. Unfortunately, winds of 15-25 mph are expected on Tuesday.

In addition, winds will start to blow from the northwest, and eventually from the north, by Wednesday, bringing temperatures down considerably.

Thursday and Friday will see even lower highs at around 50 degrees, while Saturday will see warmer weather at 65 degrees.

Weekly lows will persist near freezing, dropping to 23 degrees Thursday night. The National Weather Service previously reported temperatures would be as low as 6 degrees with a wind chill the same night.

Monday evening a low will be at or slightly below freezing, while Tuesday will roll out the 30s to a more manageable low of 42.

Wednesday will return to form, however, as it drops to 35.

Friday night a low of 37 degrees is expected.

There is still virtually no chance of precipitation during the week, as the cold high pressure fronts today and Thursday will push away any lows that would otherwise have given way to snow or rain.

This contrasts with much of the southern United States, which the Associated Press reports has been hit by high winds and scattered rainfall amid freezing temperatures.

Today’s dew point was 15 degrees and the wind chill was around 28 degrees.

Additionally, the National Weather Service predicts that there will be virtually no cloud cover this week, paving the way for bright and sunny skies.

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