Uses of Fast Mini Loans with Financial Credit Institutions

Fast mini-credits with financial credit institutions are, increasingly, a solution for those people who are on a list of defaulters and need financing. The lenders have understood that most of the users that are on these lists are not what we can call investable delinquents. They simply owe some bill for supplies or phone. That is why they have opened their hands to facilitate financing for these people. But, what uses can you give to fast mini-credits with financial credit institutions?

Why use fast mini-credits with financial credit institutions

Why use fast mini-credits with financial credit institutions

You may have asked yourself this question: Is it interesting to request fast mini-credits with financial credit institutions online? In most cases, this question is answered by a “depends”. And it depends on what you use the money you are going to request, it can be an intelligent idea, or not. Next, we will see some of the most frequent uses that you can give to this type of financing, in a way that is smart.

Solve a major fault

It is possible that at some point you will suffer an unexpected at home and break, for example, the washing machine. This is a great task, without any doubt. At Bonsai Finance we believe that a good way to use a quick mini-credit with financial credit institutions is to solve a breakdown of this type. You may just need to fix the appliance or your car, or you need to replace it with a new one. In either case, requesting this type of financing if you do not have the money at the moment can get you out of trouble.

Pay a fine with 50% reduction

When you get a traffic ticket, you have a period of several days to pay it with a 50% reduction. Of course, it is a very interesting offer and for which it is worth making an effort.

It’s quite a problem to have a traffic ticket, like to pay twice as much as you could have paid. Therefore, if you do not have money at the moment and you want to pay the fine as soon as possible, you can use one of these financial products. Without any doubt, you can solve your situation and continue with your economy in the best possible way.

Pay a high bill

Have you ever received a bill for the light for which you thought that your expenses and those of another house had been charged? This happens very often, and can occur with both light and any other type of invoice. The phone can also give you some scares.

When a bill of this type arrives, it can be very oppressive to think about paying it, taking into account all the other expenses of the month. Therefore, go to seek financing to pay the bill and get to the end of the month with a healthy economy, can be vital.

Go to end of month

Sometimes it’s hard to make ends meet. There are months that are especially difficult, such as January or the months of return to school. Of course, there are 30 days that can seem eternal when you do not have the money to get to the end.

On those occasions, when you know that your economy will recover in a matter of weeks, applying for a microcredit with financial credit institutions can be a great help. Therefore, if you can not reach the end of the month and you know that you can solve your situation shortly, it is advisable to request financing.

Take advantage of an unrepeatable offer

It is not advisable to use this type of financing to buy whims, as we will see later. However, if it is something that you were going to pay for its original price and there is a very good offer, it may be convenient for you to request one of these loans.

Imagine that you have to buy a television and that generally, the one you want, would cost € 600. However, there is a limited time offer during which you can buy the same TV for € 300. Even if the loan comes to have some cost, I would continue to seek a savings to take that offer.

Leave financial credit institutions

Are you in financial credit institutions and you just found out, but do you need to leave in order to continue with your life in a normal way? Maybe you have gone to buy a vehicle and you have been denied the application because you are in financial credit institutions due to an invoice that you did not pay a while ago.

In that case, if you do not have enough money at this time to face the debt you have, you can use one of these loans. In this way, you will eliminate your debt as soon as possible and you will disappear from the file of defaulters.

When should you not use fast mini-credits with financial credit institutions online?

When should you not use fast mini-credits with financial credit institutions online?

These we have seen are some of the situations in which it may be interesting to request quick mini-credits with financial credit institutions. However, it is not always so advisable. There are certain situations in which, although the temptation to request the loan is very large, you should think about it better. Let’s see what these situations can be, in which we hope that you do not find yourself.

To pay a whim

Sometimes, the temptation to buy that mobile phone that is the latest model of your favorite brand can be very big. However, it is not always a good idea to succumb to this type of temptation.

For example, if you have a mobile that works perfectly and that offers you all the functions you need, request financing to buy a new one just because it is the last one, it is not very economically intelligent.

Therefore, if you are faced with the dilemma of buying, or not, a whim that you can perfectly dispense with, we recommend that you do not request financing to buy it. However, if it is a great offer like the one mentioned in the previous point, it could be interesting to take advantage of it. It is about using your insight to distinguish between a product that can be profitable, and one that does not.

When you think you can not return it

If you are almost certain, or completely sure, that you will not be able to repay the loan in the time you have agreed with the company, it is better not to request it. If you are in financial credit institutions, you will not want to make your financial situation worse by leaving more debts behind you.

For this reason, if you have done your calculations and you have realized that you will not have enough money after the return period to repay the loan, better not request it. In this way, if today you have a debt registered with financial credit institutions with a telephone or supply company, you will not make your situation worse by adding a financial debt. Since you must bear in mind that, adding a financial debt to your financial credit institutions, you will not have the possibility of obtaining financing of another type later.

Basic requirements of mini-credits with financial credit institutions

Basic requirements of mini-credits with financial credit institutions

To apply for a fast microcredit with financial credit institutions, you need to meet a series of requirements. Many of these are the same ones you may need in an online loan for people who are not in financial credit institutions. But if you find yourself in one of these delinquent files, you will need to meet some extra requirements in most cases.

Requirements for all online loans

Online microcredits have a series of requirements that all people who request this type of financing must comply with. If this is your case, we congratulate you. Let’s see what they are, although you should keep in mind that these may vary depending on the lender company.

Be of age. Although, sometimes, you can specify that you have more than a certain age, which can usually be 21 or 25 years.

Have a residence in Spain. Therefore, if you are Spanish but you are residing in another country on a registered basis, you will generally not be able to access companies of this type that operate in Spain.

Enjoy a regular, demonstrable and sufficient source of income to return the financing you have requested. Therefore, if for example you work, but you charge in black, since it is an illegal activity and an income that can not be proven, you will not be able to access this financing.

Have a bank account in your name where the lender company can make the transfer of the loan.

Have a contact method, for example, a mobile phone number or an e-mail , where the company can contact you and send you the appropriate documents.

Requirements for online loans with financial credit institutions

If you are in financial credit institutions, in addition to meeting the requirements that we have already mentioned, you will also need to comply, in most cases, with two more:

The debts for which you are in financial credit institutions can not be for another loan, financial service, or with a financial institution.

The debt can not exceed a certain amount, which will vary depending on the lender. In some companies this maximum will be € 1000, while in others it can reach up to € 4000 or € 5000.

These have been the most frequent and reasonable uses you can give to fast mini-credits with financial credit institutions. We invite you to search our website for the service that best suits your needs, so you can send your request and receive the money you need as soon as possible.

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April 9, 2019