The student union opposes the relaxation of the UGC

The University Grants Commission (UGC) recently revoked the requirement to publish research articles in quality journals to obtain a doctorate. The movement presented as a push to increase the number of doctorates. incumbents will have a negative impact on the quality of research, says the student union. This, coupled with no MPhil requirement, direct entry to PhD after graduation, etc., is expected to hamper the future of PhD.

All India The OBC Student Association (AIOBCSA) said in an official statement: “When the entire academic world thrives on quality publications in reputable journals, any effort to undermine the publication of quality publications will only do that hinder the future of the doctorate. holders”.

MPhil Fellows were required to present at least one research paper at a conference or seminar. On the other hand, doctoral students had to present two research papers at conferences or seminars and publish at least one paper in a peer-reviewed journal before submitting their thesis. However, in the new doctoral program regulations made public on November 7, the commission has removed this requirement.

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That this decision will not relieve students from marginalized communities, said the AIOBCSA, adding that there are two points for each quality publication (up to five publications) to apply for an assistant professor position. Although not required, many universities screen applicants based on the highest scores.

“Breaking down all barriers through our continuous efforts and hard work to produce quality research. We must demand that the Indian government provide more financial assistance and put in place appropriate safeguards to bring inclusiveness to all countries. Education Establishments (EES). The Government of India must also send more SC, ST and OBC PhD aspirants to the best universities in the country by offering scholarships and fellowships,” the statement added.

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