The Highs and Lows of Heyka: Montana Weather Update February 22 | Weather ABC Fox

Temperatures at the end of today ranged from single digits above and below zero east of the divide to lower tens west of the divide. Wind chill warnings and advisories cover the entire state of Montana through midday Wednesday. Wind chill ranging from 25 to 45 below zero. Sustained winds range from 10 to 20 mph across the west with gusts up to 28 mph in Missoula with winds from Hellgate Canyon. Arctic high pressure brings strengthening frigid air to Montana. The coldest temperatures will be Wednesday morning. A gradual warming trend will begin on Thursday and last through early next week. Temperatures will rise from well below normal now to above the north early next week. Normal highs range from 30 to 40 degrees. A weak storm system will fall into Montana from Canada on Thursday bringing flurries and showers but little accumulation is expected. Lows tonight in the 10s and 20s to near 30s east of the divide with single digits and 10s to the west. Lows will heat up into the 20s and 30s early next week! Single-digit highs above and below zero on Wednesday east of the divide with 10 above in the west. The highs heat up to the 20s and 30s on the weekend, the 30s and 40s on Sunday and the 40s and under 50s on Tuesday next week!

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