The Highs and Lows of Heyka: Montana Weather Update April 13 | Weather ABC Fox

Temperatures were very cold in mid-April, with temperatures in the high 10s and 20s in central and eastern Montana down to the 30s west of the divide.

Winds were gusting to 33 mph in Billings and 40 mph in Jordan, Glendive and Miles City.

Wind chills were just a little below zero in Miles City in the single digits and 10 east of the divide.

Winter storm warnings and advisories from Glasgow south of Sheridan, Wyoming will expire tonight.

The blizzard warning in extreme northeast Montana will expire at 10 p.m. tonight, but will continue in the extreme southeast until noon Thursday.

Another one to three inches near the North Dakota border.

Radar shows continued snow in eastern Montana and patchy snow in central areas.

The sky was sunny west of the divide.

A very strong low over North Dakota continues to bring snow to eastern and parts of central Montana.

The snow will gradually stop tonight.

A few flurries and graupel building up statewide on Thursday and Friday.

Snowfall ranged from one to three feet in parts of central and eastern Montana.

Record lows were also set, with 6 below zero in Butte, 1 above in Dillon and 19 above in Missoula.

More record lows the next two mornings.

Temperatures will moderate a bit in the west, but temperatures will remain well below normal for the rest of the week, picking up a little later over the weekend and into next week.

Another storm could bring more snowpack Saturday and Sunday.

Lows tonight in the single digits and 10s, moderate to 10s and 20s this weekend and 20s and 30s next week.

Highs in the upper 10s and 20s east of the divide on Thursday with 30 to about 40 west of the divide.

The highs warm to the 30s and 40s over the weekend and to the 40s and 50s next week.

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