“The goal of Bigfoot Publishing is to simplify the publishing journey for authors,” says Founder Deepak Yadav

Every day we see a bunch of new books hitting the market. However, only some manage to make an impact. What sets these few apart is obviously good content, but that’s not enough. Good marketing is the thing that plays a vital role in making any book a bestseller. It is quite difficult to find a publisher who publishes the book, who ensures proper distribution and marketing. However, to limit this problem, Deepak Yadav started Bigfoot Publications. In this exclusive interview, find out what sets Bigfoot Publications apart from the rest of the publishing houses:

  1. What was the epiphany moment that led to the creation of Bigfoot Publications?

Big Foot Publications was founded with a lot of help from my life experience. As a writer, I struggled to get my first book published. 2013 was a time when the internet wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea and publishers were used to submitting manuscripts in print. I eventually sent my book to 50 publishers, 15 of which responded and one eventually accepted. However, when the book was finally published after much effort, it ended up failing horribly. All the hard work was for naught, the book rarely sold more than a few hundred copies. This setback got me thinking about the importance of marketing. So I started looking for a publisher who did both publishing and marketing, but I couldn’t find any. Ultimately, I started Bigfoot Publications to solve this problem and help other authors who don’t have a fair chance in this monopoly business.

  1. What is the mission statement that sets Bigfoot Publication apart from its competition?

Because of the unique services we provide to our authors, Bigfoot Publications continues to hold a top position among its competitors, even after so many years. Our qualified staff makes every effort to help authors make their works popular. In a few months, a book with solid content and effective marketing will undoubtedly become a bestseller. With the help of the wide range of marketing services we offer, we are committed to turning any book into a bestseller. We are constantly making sure that the right reader receives the author’s book. Additionally, the services of distributing a book to bookstores and globally are not provided by any publication on our part. Along with all this, we also offer digital posters, email marketing, newspaper mentions, video trailers, press releases and other services. We use both online and offline media to reach our readership. The fact that we offer all of these services sets us apart from our competitors.

  1. In all these years, what changes have you witnessed in the publishing industry?

I have worked in the publishing industry for over ten years. The shift from traditional authors to self-publishers is one of the biggest changes I’ve seen. Authors now frequently opt for self-publishing over traditional methods for a plethora of reasons. They turn to self-publishers because of the long and difficult process of getting the book published with traditional houses. In today’s world, everyone seeks comfort and tries to avoid the time-consuming process. People are willing to spend money if they can easily get the same or even more amenities from another option. Authors have recognized this and have chosen standalone publishers to avoid rejections when publishing their books, and also receive excellent marketing support without any hassle.

  1. What are your future plans for the company?

Bigfoot Publishing’s mission statement is to simplify the publishing journey for authors, and I can say without a doubt that we are achieving that. Along with this, however, we also had a larger goal in mind when we founded this publishing house, and that was to increase the nation’s literacy rate by encouraging people to learn new things and to express themselves, and literature plays an important role in this regard. We consider it a great privilege to be able to contribute to literature while helping budding authors achieve their goals of getting their books published. We are delighted that the works produced by our publishing company contribute in one way or another to the enormous literary wealth.

  1. What advice would you like to give to all budding writers?

As a publisher, I want to emphasize to budding authors the importance of marketing, which is often overlooked by publishers and authors. Authors should realize that writing a book is only the first step in the publishing process. In order to get readers interested in your book, you must first let them know about it. The authors think that why waste money on marketing but what they don’t know is that it’s not a waste but an investment that will help them in the long run. In addition, authors must trust their publishers. They must have confidence in themselves and in the publisher they have chosen to publish their book. Finally, authors need to understand that they won’t become famous overnight as soon as their book comes out, patience and faith in the process is what will help them.

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