The city’s ‘moderate’ AQI stands at 134

Mumbai’s October heat appears to have partly spared the city, with evenings cooler than usual. According to Accuweather, 4th November City will be warm during the day with temperatures reaching 36°C, however, evenings and nights will be colder as the temperature is expected to drop to 21°C.

The city’s air quality, however, remained in the moderate category as the city reported an AQI of 134. Health effects can be felt immediately by sensitive groups, the Accuweather advisory said.

AQI of Different Areas of Mumbai

After Diwali, the city’s AQI improved slightly. Here are the AQI levels from different observatories across the city.

A) Colaba, Mumbai (Navy Nagar): 132 AQI, moderate

B) Mazgaon, Mumbai (shipyard): 223 AQI, poor

C) Siddharth Nagar-Worli: 152 AQI, moderate

D) Sion, Mumbai: 160 AQI, moderate

E) Pimpleshwar Mandir, Thane: 145 AQI, moderate

AQI of other metropolitan cities

The air quality in Pune is 130 while Chennai experiences an excellent AQI of 19. Hyderabad’s AQI was recorded at 151 while Kolkata stood at 266. Indian Silicon Valley, Bengaluru recorded an AQI of 15. Meanwhile, Delhi’s AQI remained “very low” with the figure standing at 372 today.

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