Studio Forced To Face ‘Captain America 4’ Controversy As ‘Weary’ Brie Larson Talks About Needing Help On ‘The Marvels’

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Let’s do it, Avengers experts! It’s time for another wonder overview of the news. Sadly, controversy has been the name of the game on the MCU front for the past 24 hours as the studio was forced to issue a statement after a controversial casting announcement inflamed the fandom with fury. On the lighter side of things, the cast of Wonders became clear about working together as a team, and fans are making a Thor/Teletubbies comparison that we will never forget.

Marvel’s Sabra Statement Leaves Sam Wilson Stans Skeptical

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Captain America: New World Order recently added two new cast members, one of whom got fans excited – Tim Blake Nelson back as lead – and the other mired Marvel in widespread controversy. Shira Haas was cast as Sabra, an Israeli superhero, a character who has been treated quite hideously in the past. Marvel pointed out that they’re taking “a new approach” with her in a statement to the press, but people aren’t buying her and seem to think it’s best that Sabra is just taken out of the movie period.

Turns out Iman Vellani was the one who learned Wonders

You might think Iman Vellani would be the Padawan and Brie Larson and Teyonah Parris the Jedi Masters of Wonders‘main trio. However, the older stars of the upcoming MCU sequel revealed to IMDb (see above) that they actually learned a lot from the 19-year-old. Ms. Marvel actress while making the film, mostly regarding Marvel trivia. Speaking generally about how much she appreciated Vellani and Parris to have her back on this production, Larson joked that she was “tired” and “needed” support.

Keke Palmer Is the MCU’s Rogue in Amazing X-Men Fan Art

NOPE Star Keke Palmer recently caused a stir in Marvel circles when she made it clear that she would love to play iconic X-Men member Rogue in the MCU. Fans went crazy over the idea, leading artist Valentin Romero to create this stunning piece that simulates what Palmer might look like in Rogue’s classic outfit if she was actually cast in the role once Marvel x-men the reboot is finally coming here. You know what? We can see it.

Thor: Love and the Teletubbies

thor love and thunder
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Oh, Thor: Love and Thunderwho would have predicted that the highly anticipated Taika Waititi Ragnarok sequel would become Phase Four’s biggest punching bag? Yet here we are with the relentless trolling reaching the point where fans are now comparing it to… *checks notes* Teletubbies? Yes, roasted Redditors hilariously compared the much-maligned image of Axel’s floating head to the sun-baby on the preschool show. Now we can never, ever ignore it.

Check back tomorrow for another roundup of Marvel news.

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