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Publishing House of Stormm, Inc. announced the entry into the industry of the published works of its first 3 promising best-selling authors. Aasia Stormm wrote Exacerbate; From victim to killer where in the book she describes 7 vicious murderers to show how despicable they became. Carlette Boyd who wrote 7 Greats, writes about the impact on an adult’s life when carefully guided in childhood by the words of the Bible; she speaks directly to the child through the words of a grandmother and the writing is rich, soothing and inspired. Stacie Lorusso who suffered tragically after her 7 year old little brother was brutally murdered, she writes SLAM poetry, her first book is called “Poetry Rips” where she spits lyrics that burn and heal in the same.

Just before these “Coming Out” authors, Stormm produced a soaring talk show called fanaticism revealed, where its new authors will appear as co-hosts. Stormm’s Publishing House features only authors who faced, survived, and thrived during and after tragedy, but who lived to write about it. They write to heal themselves and others. There is no author who successfully completes Stormm’s 7-month pre-incubator and incubator program without achieving best-selling status.

The incubator program will take an aspiring or inactive author from writing their first book to becoming a successful author. This is achieved by bringing to the author incubator experts experienced in media presence, product partnerships, engaging expert speakers, and the book promotion process. During these months, these experts turn these new writers into bestselling authors who, in the process, are spiritually and emotionally confident with style and swag.

Beginning Friday night, May 20, 2022 at 8 p.m., Fanaticism Revealed streams live across multiple platforms, including Facebook and YouTube. The first show is an episode of a 3 part series titled, ground warwhere Aasia and Carlette, one of Stormm’s newest writers, will welcome 4 guest co-hosts who will take viewers to the comfort of their homes for an up-close look at the horrors of war on the ground in war-torn Ukraine and Ambazonia. war. .

I invite anyone who wants to see a beginning to the end of the terror of war and murder, to get on your social media platforms and kick off the first show; it’s a talk show like no other and, as a bonus, you can meet the New Stormm Authors, 2022.

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