Shore Publishing/ News Team Recognized for Excellence in Journalism

By Brian Boyd/ • 06/07/2022 10:55 AM EST

Shore Publishing/Zip06’s team of journalists has once again been recognized for excellence by our peers. Our reporters, photographers and columnists won 19 honors at the Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists’ 2021 Excellence in Journalism Awards, winning nine first-place trophies along with eight second- and two third-place finishes.

Recognition like this is all the more gratifying given the challenges our communities face in 2021. When times were tough, our dedicated team were there to tell, in words and pictures, so many stories that were meant to be told. It’s not something every community can count on, and I’m grateful that this news team continues to be there for our readers.

Unlike many media that choose to specialize in a particular topic, such as sports, politics or crime, our continued choice to specialize solely in this community is reflected in the variety of categories for which our work has been awarded. We were honored for everything from capturing a fun sledding moment to sharing the terror felt during a community tragedy to fulfilling our most fundamental role of shedding light on the government process.

These awards reflect the day-to-day efforts of a truly dedicated and talented press team, but they are also a reflection of a broader community engagement. None of this happens without the skills of our production and sales staff, or without the access and support provided by readers and advertisers. It is a remarkable achievement.

Please join me in congratulating:

First place

COVID picture: A demonstration of remote support; Kelley Fryer

COVID Series: COVID Creativity; Pem McNerney and Kelley Fryer

Education: Living the American Dream, with the help of SAE; Pam Johnson

Feature photo: Snowy day; Source; Kelley Fryer

Government: Citizen’s complaint sparks heated debate over police records in Old Saybrook; Eric O’Connell

Titles: titles of The sound; Pam Johnson

News photo: A day to remember: Guilford celebrates the 20th anniversary of 9/11; Wesley Bunnell

Sporty characteristic: she just wanted to play; Pem McNerney

Sports pictures: A dish; Kelley Fryer

The second place

Arts and entertainment: cultivating well-being, belonging, curiosity and empathy through art; Pem McNerney

Business: DeLauro visits downtown Branford merchants to assess recovery efforts; Pam Johnson

Feature: Megan Leubner: Crisis Hero Award winner; Jason J. Marchi

Humorous column: It’s weird to be normal; Julianna Gribbins

In-depth reports: they helped us, now we can help them; Pem McNerney

Local Report: A tough day for Branford; Pam Johnson, Kelley Fryer

Religion: what it takes to get through the darkest times; Pem McNerney

Series of reports: Make music; Rita Christopher

Third place

Feature photo: A grand finale at Guilford; Wesley Bunnell

Sports News: Hand beats Guilford 43-18, advances to Playoffs; Dean Biben

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