Saturday weather update in the southern plains

Some weather changes, although slight, are showing in my forecast for this weekend at the end of August. So light you might not notice it. Here are my weekend and tropical weather updates.

Saturday partly cloudy with a light wind, still humid and still a little warm. A few isolated “pop-up” showers / thunderstorms are possible. Your chance of measurable rain, however, is very low. There may be strong gusts of wind near these showers.

Partly cloudy Saturday afternoon with a few pop-up showers / thunderstorms possible. Your chance of measurable rain is very low. There may be strong gusts of wind near these showers. The peaks will be similar to yesterday.(First KCBD alert)

Thunderstorms or showers are unlikely to touch the far northwest of the viewing area this evening. This evening otherwise it will be rather beautiful, the light winds, the hot air. The lows will again range from the low of the 60s in the west to near 70 in the east.

On Sunday, a low risk of a thunderstorm returns to the observation area. Your chances of measurable precipitation will remain very low. Sunday otherwise will be partly cloudy, humid and very hot. Temperatures will peak from the mid-1980s in the west to the low 1990s in the east.

At best, a low probability of rain will persist into early next week.

Ida in the Gulf of Mexico is not a factor in our local climate. Nora in the Pacific is currently not expected to play a notable role.

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Activate “Active Tropical Track” in our interactive KCBD First Alert radar to track any named tropical system. Click / tap an icon (even dots) for more information. This image is from the radar here on our weather page.(First KCBD alert)

Hurricane Ida is expected to continue to strengthen as it moves northwest toward the central Gulf Coast. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) predicts it will make landfall Sunday night near the central Louisiana coast. Maybe like a Category 4 hurricane. Categories 3 to 5 are major hurricanes.

The other hurricane I’m watching is located just off the west-central coast of Mexico. Nora, now a Category 1 hurricane, is moving north-northwest toward the Gulf of California.

In previous articles, I have mentioned that moisture from systems like Nora sometimes brings rain to eastern New Mexico and the West Texas area. The weather conditions do not favor this result. It looks like most of the residual moisture will drain into Arizona. Heavy tropical rains are possible there next week. Adjacent areas of New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado can absorb some of this moisture.

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