Runaway Daughter Rahul Nanda Businessman ED Receives Orders To Issue Proclamation

The Law Enforcement (ED) Directorate has been authorized to issue a written proclamation compelling businessman Rahul Nanda and his daughter Rasshi Nanda to appear before the Mumbai Special Court under the Presentation Act Money Laundering Act (PMLA) within 30 days from the date of issuance of the proclamation.

Kavita Patil, Special Prosecutor, had filed a request on behalf of the ED to issue a proclamation compelling the accused Rahul Nanda and his daughter, Rasshi, 27, to appear in person before the Court within 30 days of the publication date. of such a proclamation as provided for in Article 82 (1) of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Patil pointed to the report filed by the Chief Inspector of Police from Oshiwara Police Station, Mumbai, that non-releasable warrants (NBWs) that had been issued earlier were taken to Nanda Villa in Andheri West for their execution on both.

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However, the report indicated the non-execution of the warrant because the premises mentioned in the address of the NBW were already sealed by the ED. The bungalow had been locked and no one had come to take refuge there. Going forward, the officer said he could not find these two people. Patil said the ED attempted to execute NBWs against the two defendants. However, the two are not found at their known address.

Patil said Nandas and their company were represented by lawyers Ajit Singh and Madhukar Dalvi. However, neither the defendants nor their lawyers have turned to justice for a long time.

Special Judge MG Deshpande, after hearing Patil, said: “I am of the opinion that there is reason to believe that the two defendants against whom a warrant has been issued by this court have fled or gone into hiding so that such a warrant cannot be executed.Therefore, this is a proper case to order the issuance of a written proclamation requiring them to appear before this court within 30 days.

What is the case?

The ED investigated allegations against Topsgrup and its owners who in 2014 were awarded a contract to supply security guards to Mumbai Metropolitan Area Development Authority (MMRDA) projects, allegedly in collusion with Shiv Sena leader and MP Pratap Sarnaik through illegal means through a “well thought out strategy”.

The agency claimed that the purpose of these illegal maneuvers was to gain an impermissible advantage by inflating the number of deployed contract security guards at the cost of MMRDA and Sarnaik’s illegal cash gratuity for facilitating this scam.

Against this “active role and criminal conspiracy”, Sarnaik used to get 50% of the profits from said contract and sometimes the money was transferred to the account of a third person, ED said. Amit Chandole, a close associate of Sarnaik who was arrested by the agency, accepted receipt of money from Topsgrup for MMRDA projects, ED claimed, while adding that part of the amount received by Topsgrup from MMRDA appeared to be the proceeds of crime. .

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