Province proposes public publication of crime statistics

“People have a right to know what is happening in their communities and this legislation would give them easier access to more information about crime statistics in the province. Improving access to crime data will also help people make evidence-based decisions for better outcomes and safer communities.

The proposed legislation would allow the province to report on currently available measures, such as police-reported crime data, and allow other types of crime and justice information to be added to the to come up.

Certain provisions would allow the Government of Alberta to obtain and publish additional data through information-sharing agreements with the federal government, other provinces and territories, municipalities and police departments, and other organizations.

Garth Kohlsmith, president of the Alberta Citizens on Patrol Association, believes Bill 9 will provide an overall benefit to communities.

“This legislation will be useful to Citizen Patrol groups across Alberta, to help us understand what is happening in our communities. This initiative will help us make decisions about our patrols and volunteer efforts. Information received from this legislation will result in increased crime prevention.

If the bill passes, the legislation will come into effect in the fall of 2022, allowing for the tabling of the first reports in the Legislative Assembly and the public publication of the data online.

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