Perfect World Entertainment is now Gearbox Publishing San Francisco

Perfect World Entertainment is now called Gearbox Publishing San Francisco. The move comes months after Embracer Group bought the business in December 2021 and immediately placed it under Gearbox. The move was worth $103 million and included the North American branch as well as the Perfect World edition. 237 staff members have also been added to Embracer’s payroll, which will likely only be expanded in the future as well.

In case anyone is worried, the same people will be working on the same titles as before, and new content will still be released for never winter, star trek onlineand happy death just like they were before. Other games under the Perfect World umbrella, such as Vestige: ashes and the Torchlight the trilogy will remain there as well, with more games to come.

Visible changes in addition to the new branding and logo include changing the email address so that the newsletter and support tickets will come from accounts. The games themselves shouldn’t be impacted by this change, which is good. The game logos are expected to stay the same for a while, but they will also eventually change to reflect Perfect World Entertainment’s move to Gearbox Publishing San Francisco.

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I don’t know if this change is necessary, but the content is still published for Perfect World games by the same people, from the player’s point of view, all that really changes is the logo and the website to which you will need to visit for assistance or tickets. Not a big deal all around so whatever, doesn’t really matter I guess. Gearbox Publishing is another feather under Embracer Group’s ever-growing ceiling, so it’ll be interesting to see if we eventually get any new MMOs or great games out of it.

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