News-Messenger Announces Publication and Delivery Changes

In response to the rapid and continuing shifts towards the consumption of digital news, The News-Messenger is announcing a change in the frequency of print delivery from the end of June.

The press briefing will mainly focus on publishing local news to and provide a weekly print edition on Saturdays which will be delivered by post starting July 2. The last daily edition delivered by the carrier will be June 25.

Additionally, we are expanding our editorial footprint on Saturdays to include all current Port Clinton News Herald subscribers.

All subscribers to both newspapers will have daily access to online-updated local news and daily electronic editions of national news and sports as well as USA TODAY on weekdays.

“We’ve been so much more than just a print newspaper for many years, as we’ve built a significant online audience that searches for local news from our apps and social media channels,” the editor said. David Yonke. “We already have more digital subscribers than print customers requesting daily delivery.”

All print subscribers have full digital access, which means they can read all-day updates, subscriber-only stories, and video and audio features, among other benefits. Subscribers also have 24/7 access to obituaries, legal notices and classifieds on our website.

Subscribers also have digital access to the USA TODAY Network’s full suite of e-editions across the country, meaning you can read daily e-editions from Columbus, Akron and Detroit as well as many more. Subscribers also have ad-free access to the USA TODAY crossword puzzle.

The staff of the News-Messenger will not change as a result of these moves. However, staff will be even better aligned with delivering digital information.

Anyone with questions about the change can access their account at or call customer service at 1-877-424-0217.

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