Muscogee documentary looks at the free press

Pauly Denetclaw is Diné and ICT’s new political correspondent based in Washington. She joins the newscast and gives us insight into Indigenous politicians.

Rebecca Landsberry-Baker is a citizen of the Muscogee Nation and has been working on a new documentary since 2019. The documentary is about the Muscogee Nation and freedom of the press.

ICT has teamed up with nine other news agencies to bring you a unique new story. “At The Crossroads” shares stories about the state of the economy in Indian Country. Chris Aadland, a reporter for ICT and Underscore News, dove deep into the Paiute Nation, home to the largest known lithium deposit in the United States.

A Slice of Our Indigenous World

  • We begin in Colorado with a celebration of 50 years of legal work by the Native American Rights Fund.
  • In New Mexico, the Federal Bureau of Investigation uses the Diné language to help close unsolved cases.
  • Nearly 100 years ago, Albert Barnes traveled from Pennsylvania to New Mexico where he encountered Pueblos and Navajos. He was immediately impressed by the cultures and started collecting art.
  • It was the sound Sunday as the NBA’s Phoenix Suns broadcast the game in Navajo.

Mark Trahant, Shoshone-Bannock, is editor for Indian Country Today. On Twitter: @TrahantReports Trahant is based in Phoenix. The Indigenous Economics Project is funded by a major grant from the Bay and Paul Foundations.

R. Vincent Moniz, Jr., NuÉta, is a producer of the television news ICT. Do you have a great story to share? Submit it to [email protected] Moniz is based in a bunker in Bismarck.

Kaitlin Onawa Boysel, Cherokee, is a producer/reporter for Indian Country Today. On Instagram: @KaitlinBoysel Boysel is based in Springfield, Illinois.

Drea Yazzie, Diné, is a producer/editor for the television news ICT. On Twitter: @quindreayazzie Yazzie is based in Phoenix.

Maxwell Montour, Pottawatomi, is a newsletter editor for Indian Country Today. On Instagram: max.montour Montour is based in Phoenix.

Mary Grace Pewewardy, Hopi/Comanche/Kiowa, is an Indian Country Today intern. On Instagram: @mgpewewardy. Pewewardy is based in Phoenix and enjoys playing video games.

Patty Talahongva, Hopi, is executive producer of Indian Country Today. Follow her on Twitter: @WiteSpider.

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