Mumbai’s AQI drops to ‘severe’, city records minimum temperature of 15C

Mumbai’s air quality index fell to 502 on Monday, which falls into the severe category. The overall AQI deteriorated from 180 (moderate) on Sunday morning to 333 (very low) in the evening. The hardest hit was Malad, who recorded an AQI of 436.

Mercury levels in Mumbai have dropped over the past few days. The IMD Santacruz Observatory recorded a minimum temperature of 15.0°C on Monday morning while the Colaba Observatory recorded a minimum temperature of 16.2°C.

Reports said the temperature in Mumbai is expected to rise from Wednesday.

Meanwhile, hazy and cloudy skies were reported on Sunday over Mumbai, Pune, northern Maharashtra and neighboring districts of Gujarat after a dust storm from the Gulf region and Karachi, Pakistan, towards Rajasthan and neighboring Gujarat, coupled with warmer temperatures in areas along the Arabian Sea, including Mumbai, has resulted in the ingress of sand particles and air pollution.

Visibility at several locations in and around Mumbai was also poor on Sunday morning.

Posted: Monday, January 24, 2022, 12:39 PM IST

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