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LUBBOCK, Texas – KLBK meteorologist Jack Maney has your Wednesday morning weather update!

Today: Very hot, with thunderstorms coming in from the west late. Chance of rain: 20% Maximum 102°. S winds 12-18 MPH.
This evening:
Scattered thunderstorms will remain possible throughout the night. Minimum of 74°. SE winds 10-15 MPH.
The thunderstorms re-develop in the afternoon, with temperatures still warm. Chance of rain: 20% Top of 100°. SE winds 10-15 MPH.

The heat won’t stop, but at least the chances of rain won’t stop either! We will see another opportunity for thunderstorms tonight, but not until a hot afternoon.

We’re still sitting in the doldrums of summer with virtually no change expected from one day to the next. High pressures aloft continue to control the larger scale pattern, but some smaller scale changes will bring the potential for rain back into the picture. We’re going to be mostly sunny and very hot today with near unanimous triple digits, and mid to upper hundreds over the rolling plains. Lubbock will reach 102 degrees, with the Rolling Plains near and above 105! Remember to stay hydrated if you must be outside during the heat of the day.

Showers and thunderstorms will develop in the mountains of New Mexico and roll slowly south and east through the evening, arriving near the state line at sunset. These thunderstorms will be erratic and quite disorganized, but the complex is expected to continue to move eastward overnight, with isolated to widely scattered thunderstorms possible overnight. Rain-chilled air could take our morning lows down a notch tomorrow, into the low to mid-70s. west.

Tomorrow will still be warm, but noticeably increased cloud cover will bring at least some cooling from today’s highs. High 90s to low 100s seem likely, and erratic thunderstorms will remain possible throughout the day after a brief lull around mid-morning. The chance of rain will remain around 20% across the entire area for now, as the location of these storms will depend on how activity develops overnight.

The upper high will return and strengthen over the weekend bringing chances of rain and ending at the end of the work week. As a result, temperatures will remain warm and skies will remain mostly sunny throughout the weekend as we reach the upper 90s and lower 100s each day. The pattern doesn’t look too good for extreme temperatures at the moment, which we can at least be grateful for, but we’ll see little change from day to day and the outlook for rain is limited to a chance of a thunderstorm. occasional while small changes in the upper top allow. The classic summer weather is here to stay for the weeks to come.

Jack Maney

7 day forecast
August 3, 2022

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