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LUBBOCK, Texas – KLBK meteorologist Jack Maney has your Wednesday morning weather update!

Today: A little warm with possible scattered thunderstorms in the late afternoon. Chance of rain: 30%. 91° high. ENE winds 10-15 MPH.
This evening:
Thunderstorms become more numerous along a cold front as it moves slowly south. Chance of rain: 50%. Minimum of 67°. ENE winds 10-15 MPH.
Thunderstorms and heavy rain possible! Chance of rain: 60%. Maximum of 81°. ENE winds 8-13 MPH.

After a summer of intense heat and best chance of patchy rain, we will finally see a more organized and substantial risk of storms in the coming days.

Chances of a storm will begin this afternoon as moisture builds up ahead of a weak cold front as it subside in the region throughout the day. A few scattered thunderstorms will be possible in the prefrontal airmass, similar in nature to the pop-up thunderstorms we have seen in recent weeks, while more organized and persistent thunderstorms form along the front to the north. Before the storms form and clouds fill the skies, temperatures will hit the low 90s, with chances of rain filling in by late afternoon. Lubbock has a 30% chance before midnight, with lower odds to the southwest and better odds to the north.

Tonight the front will continue to drop southward bringing with it the prospect of more thunderstorms in the region. The storms will move along the front, training over the same areas repeatedly and potentially dropping heavy rain locally with the potential for flash flooding this evening and into the early hours of tomorrow. Due to some gaps in coverage and uncertainty regarding the exact location of the heavy precipitation corridor, the chance of rain will be maintained at 60% for tomorrow. Locations near and behind the cold front could see localized precipitation totals greater than 1.5″, with broader totals of 1/2″-3/4″ likely. Areas south of the US 84 corridor will see reduced precipitation potential as drier air in the mid levels will likely end rainfall activity tomorrow evening before it reaches those areas. With all the cloudiness and rain chilled air in place, tomorrow’s highs will be well below average, with 81 degrees for a high in Lubbock.

Friday will be mostly dry as a wave of drier mid-level air sets in. This will allow our skies to clear and temperatures to warm up a bit for the end of the week, with highs returning to within a few degrees on either side. of 90 degrees throughout the region.

The dry, hot weather won’t be with us for long as humidity and cloudiness begin to invade the area again. Another weak cold front will kick in by Sunday or Monday, and that will set the stage for more widespread showers and thunderstorms across the region and into early next week. The longer term outlook continues to favor the chance of rain and cooler highs through the end of the month!

Jack Maney

7 day forecast
August 17, 2022

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