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LUBBOCK, Texas – KLBK meteorologist Jack Maney has your Tuesday morning weather update!

Today: Severe thunderstorms possible in the evening. Chance of rain: 30%. 94° high. S Winds 15-20 MPH.
This evening: The storms are moving east, leaving cooler outflow winds behind. Minimum of 66°. S winds 10-15 MPH.
Another round of strong to severe thunderstorms in the evening. Chance of rain: 60%. Maximum of 82°. Winds S/NE 15-20 MPH.

Today will be a weather day for the southern plains, as severe thunderstorms are expected to form later in the evening!

A humid and hot day is expected for the southern plains, with abnormally high humidity throughout the afternoon. High temperatures will reach lows in the mid-90s with mostly clear skies, although clouds will start to form later this afternoon as the sun turns over the richly moist air mass we have in place. near the surface. Winds will come from the south at 15-20 mph, carrying more of that moisture from the gulf throughout the day, and that will provide the fuel for severe storms tonight.

Today’s severe storm threat will have two areas of interest and two different threat styles along an approaching cold front and dry line. The cold front will end somewhere north of Lubbock, with the dry line to the west.

COLD FRONT – Storms are virtually guaranteed to form and be quite numerous. Due to the orientation of the cold front relative to the expected storm tracks, storms will tend to move along it and train over the same areas, which could lead to quite significant flooding in a narrow corridor that winds under the storms. Large hail and damaging winds will also be possible with these storms. These will mainly occur in our most northeast corner and will not affect the Lubbock Metro.

DRY LINE – The dry line will pose a more conditional threat of thunderstorms this evening, with thunderstorms possibly developing in the early evening. These storms will not pose a risk of flooding like those of the cold front, but they will tend to remain more discreet and will therefore be able to organize themselves without bumping into other storms, so these will probably be more violent *if they are formed*. These storms would pose a greater threat of very large hail, damaging winds and perhaps a tornado or two. These could potentially impact the Lubbock metro!

Thunderstorms will clear the area around midnight, then a dry and somewhat cooler evening is expected, especially if we have air coming out of the thunderstorms. Lows are expected in the mid-1960s.

Tomorrow the cold front will subside a little further south which should align the central and southern portions of the Southern Plains for another round of widespread storms tomorrow afternoon. These storms will also pose a severe weather threat with hail, wind, flooding and even a tornado or two, it’s all possible! Tomorrow’s highs will be much cooler amid increased cloud cover and the cold front arriving in the afternoon.

Storm chances will continue through the end of the week, with storms expected to form over the New Mexico highlands on Thursday and Friday and move eastward, potentially entering our region on the evening of these two days.

We will finally clear and warm up quickly this weekend, and the upper 90s will be back on Sunday.

Stay up to date with the weather today and have a great Tuesday!

Jack Maney

7 day forecast
May 31, 2022

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