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LUBBOCK, TX – KLBK meteorologist Jack Maney has your Monday morning weather update!

Today: A little warmer, with temperatures returning to near average and clear skies all day. High of 66 °. Winds W 10-15 MPH.
Tonight: Chilly, a light breeze continues through the night. Minimum of 34 °. Winds SW 10-15 MPH.
Tomorrow: Mild and generally sunny, remaining dry. High of 71 °. Winds SW 15-20 MPH.

Thanksgiving week will start with a period of good weather for the Southern Plains! A high pressure system will move slowly through the region, giving us generally clear skies and rising temperatures. Today we will have completely clear skies, which will help the sun to erode the layer of cool air left near the surface as a result of Sunday’s cold front. Temperatures will return to near normal, with a high of 66 this afternoon and light winds from the west around 10 to 15 mph.

The clear skies tonight will give us a rapid cooling again, although we should stay just above freezing for Tuesday’s low of 34 degrees. Some people might see a slight frost, but the dry air in place will make frost unlikely.

Tomorrow, the upper-level ridge will be directly overhead, allowing temperatures to continue rising to 70 degrees during the afternoon, with somewhat stronger southwest winds around. 15 to 20 mph. Tuesday promises to be another beautiful and dry day for the region!

We will see an increase in cloud cover on Wednesday as our next storm system approaches, although temperatures will warm further in the 70s during the afternoon. This high altitude storm appears to have a tendency to weaken as it approaches, with part of the trough separating and moving southwest, away from our region, while the main trough continues to expand. move east. We will be caught between these two sources of lift, and that coupled with the dry air still in place near the surface, the chances of rain are diminishing for Thursday. What will happen is yet another strong, mostly dry front crossing the southern plains, bringing gusts of northerly winds and much cooler temperatures for Thanksgiving. Highs are forecast at 52 degrees for Lubbock, while some areas will struggle to break out of 40!

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22 November 2021

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