Kakao Games to resume edition of ArcheAge in December

Since ArcheAge launched in the West in 2014, ArcheAge has been published by Trion Worlds and later by gamigo. It was these two entities that gamers largely blamed for the problems with the game, which looked very promising in its early days.

While Trion has not been perfect in his management and has been sued as a result, I think a lot of the issues with the game stem from where he comes from, developer XLGames, and how he thinks that the game is expected to be performed, both in his native Korea and elsewhere. I have had several interviews with the staff at Trion over the years where they have said, in essence, that they have done everything they can to reduce RNG and other things that Western players cannot. support, but there was only what XLGames would allow.

Soon, however, you won’t have Trion or gamigo to roam around. Former Black Desert Online publisher Kakao Games will take over ArcheAge’s publishing functions in Europe, North America and Oceania next month, and there is already a Kakao website announcing the change.

From the outset, the letter announcing the change acknowledges that there have been “ups and downs” while calling ArcheAge “one of the greatest MMOs in the history of the genre.” The letter goes on to say that ArcheAge will be using one version, with new content added at the same time around the world, although ArcheAge Unchained is still a separate game.

While this will undoubtedly have some players cheering and dancing at the graves of Trion and gamigo, I would advise you to go back and watch the previous interviews I’ve done. In terms of gameplay and mechanics, there’s no reason to think anything will change once Kakao takes control; XLGames still owns the cards, and as “successful” as it sounds, there doesn’t seem to be any reason for it to change what it is doing.

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