It’s worth it | ‘Mirror Forge’ edition taken over by DreadXP, playable demo available

Mirror Forge tasks players with wandering between realities constructed by fear, madness, and machinery.

Mirror Forge follows the troubled life of Thomas Jackson, who made the grave mistake of driving while intoxicated. The inevitable accident tore Thomas’s life to pieces, putting his girlfriend Jill into a coma and killing their unborn child. Although Jill recovered, the ordeal destroyed their relationship. Depressed and feeling immense guilt, with the nagging thirst of alcoholism in the back of his throat, Thomas attempted to end his life. Things started looking up after Thomas sought professional help, but then lost his job during a pandemic.

With the trauma of Thomas’ past haunting him again, Thomas seeks solace from his ex-girlfriend in a futile effort to rekindle what has since been lost. But Jill, a journalist, is nowhere to be found. His only clue: images from his latest report. Missing children, a place called Devil’s Womb Canyon, and a mysterious blue explosion. Thomas doesn’t know, his nightmare has only just begun…

In Mirror Forge, players must travel between alternate dimensions shrouded in darkness occupied by terrible and supernatural beings. Using mirrors to traverse these realms, players will encounter a variety of familiar and bizarre environments – from dark, cramped apartments to open cities, ancient houses and factories. Thomas is defenseless, so players must use their wits to solve puzzles, evade creatures, and piece together the source of Jill’s disappearance and the otherworldly events Thomas is subjected to. Depending on the choices made throughout the game, Thomas and Jill’s story can end very differently.

“With Mirror Forge, we wear our inspirations on our sleeve. However, hardcore horror fans are going to experience a different story than they might expect,” said Ted Hentschke, Head of Production at DreadXP. “The aspect of science gone wrong gives the game a more grounded narrative. This is not another ‘it’s all in your head’ experience. Something very real and sinister lurks behind these events, and the stakes are much higher than Thomas’ own well-being.

“Create the world of Mirror Forgestory, character arcs and lore are a dream come true,” said Bobby “MystivDev” Mojsovski, developer of Mirror Forge. “I’m a big fan of horror, especially when it’s combined with mystery and fear of the unknown. Expect alternate dimensions of the scariest corners of your psyche, puzzle solving, chasing strange entities, stealth mechanics, using ancient artifacts to solve mysteries, and a rich story where your choices will determine your end.

A playable Mirror Forge demo is currently available at Steam for immediate download.

Mirror Forge is ready to terrify gamers when it releases on PC (Steam/ Games Store) in September 2022.

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