Idiom Publishing disrupts the $ 1 billion printed school yearbook industry

Print school yearbook industry ready for analog to digital switchover

Posted: October 25, 2021 at 4:50 p.m. CDT|Update: 4 hours ago

HUNTINGTON NY, 25 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – After Over 140 Years, Declining Revenues Due to Rising Costs and Methodologies of the Last Century, A Changed User Profile, Idiom Publishing’s Cloud-Based IdiomCreateâ„¢ Application publishing design software and IdiomConnectâ„¢ The user application transforms the $ 1 billion analog to digital printed school yearbooks industry.

IdiomCreate â„¢ Application Publishing Design Software and IdiomConnect â„¢ User Application Transform the School Directory Industry

Due to inflation and supply chain issues, the cost to parents of a printed school yearbook is approaching, if not exceeding, $ 100 by copy. These concerns put schools in a difficult position.

IdiomCreateâ„¢, application building software, is a simple drag-and-drop that takes hours, not weeks, to create a directory. IdiomConnectâ„¢, the application, is feature-rich and costs only $ 5.00. The barriers inherent in print publications have been removed with digital protocols. The IdiomConnect â„¢ student app ( includes many traditional attributes of the age-old printed directory, but includes digital features that users have come to expect:

  • Stay Connected: Students, faculty, schools and districts stay connected.
  • Embedded Video: If there is no video… it did not happen!
  • No deadline: the whole year is recounted, including the ball and the graduation ceremony.
  • Update: Students can update their MY PAGE for life to share with their classmates.

Over 98% of high school students wear and depend on their smartphones. The printed directory industry has ignored the societal transition to digital in order to protect valuations in a tight competitive industry.

Each year in the United States alone, more than 20 million students attend our 136,000 public and private high schools. Idiom launches its owner IdiomCreateâ„¢ design software to schools on a per publication basis which, combined with application sales, equates to an available market of over $ 1 billion annually.

Idiom has created a unique sales and distribution methodology. The Company has entered into an innovative agreement with the School Photographers of America (SPOA) association. Idiom will compensate photographers for the use of their digital student portraits that appear in the IdiomConnect user application. This agreement provides Idiom with a motivated national sales network.

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Idiom created the social category Preservation of events. Idiom products are designed to enhance and preserve personal life experiences (college / professional sports teams, theater / entertainment and education). Idiom strengthens the link between the experience and the customer by creating an experiential, social and interactive digital link.

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