How Decentralized Web3 is Changing Online Publishing and SEO [Podcast]

Could the web be owned and governed by its users? This is what Web 3.0 offers, a decentralized web where individuals have control over their own sections of this virtual landscape!

In this episode, Jon Henshaw, SEO at Paramount+ and founder of Raven Tools & CoyWolf, joined me to discuss his experience on Decentralized Web3.

Jon has recently worked on numerous Web3 based CDN/editing/blogging projects. Our discussion includes information on what this means for the future of content publishing and SEO.

It’s a place for me to test things around editing and get something to rank. So that being said, I’d say one of the most interesting things I’ve seen over the last year with what I’ve done is the ability to rank content really high without any awareness or creation of connections.–Jon Henshaw, 18:47

I always write in a way that is very focused on disambiguation. When I write, I mention an entity that can confirm to Google that this is what it is.–Jon Henshaw, 26:13

At SEJ, we do not do link building. Our link building tool is our post button. –Loren Baker, 1:04:29

[00:00] – A bit about Jon
[06:23] – Is the increase of videos and images in search results relevant?
[10:05] – How Coy Wolf started.
[17:29] – What signals have strengthened over the past year?
[18:50] – An interesting thing that Jon observed in the ranking.
[24:16] – Coy Wolf’s other experiments.
[37:30] – A reputation management tactic.
[56:07] – Has search visibility on professional news and review sites increased?
[1:01:42] – Can dot-com quality help?
[1:07:00] – How Jon sets up his hosting.

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I think the last algorithm update probably touched on things that may have to do with how long people spend on content before clicking on the search result.–Jon Henshaw, 26:38

I definitely experience and do things that a lot of people in our field would consider best practices. I’ve never seen this before, or I certainly wouldn’t advise doing so. But, I learned from it that there are some things I would suggest or recommend now because it’s not as bad as you thought.– Jon Henshaw. 54:14

It reminds me of the Japanese concept of Kaizen. Every mountain starts with a speck of dust, okay, so Kaizen is the thousandth step. But you have to start with the first step, and you grow and grow slowly and slowly over time. –Loren Baker, 50:43

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Jon brings an unparalleled combination of experience and expertise to the world of digital marketing and web technologies. He founded Raven Tools, which became widely used in the industry after selling it to TapClicks in 2017.

He’s also no stranger to the big screen, having worked with Fortune 500 companies throughout his career. Currently, he is the Senior SEO Analyst at Paramount, where you can find him directing and overseeing the streaming services of Paramount+, Pluto TV, Showtime, and CBS.

Additionally, as CoyWolf’s editor, he ensures that all stories are reported with rigorous journalistic integrity.

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