Fox 5 News Studio Hoards UES Street with chronic double parking: residents – Upper East Side – New York

Fox 5 News vans park regularly on East 67th Street, between Second and Third Avenues.
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UPPER EAST SIDE – An ongoing feud between residents and Fox 5 over double-parked press vans outside his East 67th Street studio came to a head during a town hall meeting on Wednesday.

News vans illegally parked on the street between Second and Third Avenues have forced public buses to use the sidewalk to pass, and the road is dirty because street cleaners cannot pass to remove debris, said residents at a Community Board transport committee meeting 8.

“The whole north side is dirty because it has not been swept away since the Civil War,” said Marty Fox, a resident. “This is basically abuse of the general public aided by the government for the benefit of recalcitrant crooks.”

Fox 5 has eight dedicated press-only parking spaces in front of its building at 205 E. 67th St. – which was approved by the community council years ago, according to residents.

Parking is limited to three hours, according to the Ministry of Transport. But employee vans and cars will remain there day and night, in addition to double parking lots and monopolization spaces designated as a “no parking” zone, which prohibits parking from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., residents told the Fox 5 board of directors and representatives during the Gathering.

The one-way street is also part of the M66 bus line. And residents who want to park on the street rarely find a spot because Fox employees keep their personal vehicles parked there 24 hours a day, they say.

“It is so bad that the buses cannot pass and get on the sidewalks in front of our building,” he said. “The folks from Fox come here and promise to be better neighbors, and they become better neighbors for a while, but then there is a staff change and the street becomes a really miserable and dangerous situation again.”

Fox’s chief technical officer Brian Quinn responded by saying he was unaware of the three-hour limitation in the press parking area.

“No sir, I’m not full of shit,” Quinn said in response to a resident telling him he was “full”.

“You have to understand that we are a news organization,” Quinn continued. “I’m sorry we’re in the neighborhood, but we have the right to do business like other businesses in the neighborhood do.”

But the double-parking problem has been going on for a decade, residents say. In 2011, the community took a stand, saying they would consider taking back the press parking lot they previously accepted in 2007 if Fox continued to abuse their privileges.

For a while immediately after that, Fox played by the rules, but has since reverted to breaking them and was not arrested by the NYPD, according to resident Russ Novak.

The NYPD did not return a request for comment on Thursday, although Fox said its employees had been ticketed in the past.

Quinn eventually agreed to coordinate with the community council and meet with residents regularly to hear their complaints.

Regardless, the committee passed a resolution asking the DOT to change the “no parking” signs to alternative side parking, to extend the press parking area to the edge of the property line. studio by adding additional parking space, and requested that the NYPD rigorously enforce regulations.

But residents seemed resigned to the fact that they were powerless to improve conditions on the streets.

“Without Fox’s good faith, there is nothing we can do,” said resident Jordan Wouk.

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