Debt spiral – how to borrow safely

Today, a few words about how to avoid the pitfalls of payday loans. When I walk along the main streets of Piotrków Trybunalski, attention is getting more and more frequently appearing points offering payday loans.

People offering these loans have weathered a good deal. And they are outdoing each other in leafleting the city, putting up ads so that only the client enters them.

The Loan and Credit poster is in the other company’s trip


Recently, he told me a colleague who has his office in the very center of the city, that another office has opened near him, which is closely watching the competition. When a friend sends a girl with leaflets to her home to promote, for example, Loan and Credit, then the Loan and Credit poster is in the other company’s trip.

When he gives any other leaflets, the ladies from this second point quickly change the poster. Well, what if the customer is wrong and will not go where it is needed. Recently, kiosks have also been offering Loan and Credit loans.

The question arises as to how desperate you need to be to deal with serious matters because of your household budget on the street.
I have been on the financial market for almost fifteen years.

I am observing this market

I am observing this market

I know people who operate on it, but also many people who are regulars in loan companies. A person drops into the office and asks if I have anything new? I answer no, well, it runs on and looks for this one more neck loop. I am an advisor and I also have payday loans and multi-installments on offer, but when I talk to a client, I want him to make a conscious debt.

If he takes one payday payday and doesn’t pay it off, because he won’t have anything to do with it, there is a high risk of taking the next payday and the next payday etc.

Finishing, I invite indebted people to the office for an interview, to help me organize my household budget. And if someone needs payday pay or other financing, let them come too. Talking about important family matters will be easier in the comfort of your office.