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Award-winning singer, songwriter and actress Dove Cameron signed a worldwide agreement with Sony Music Publishing (SMP). News of the deal comes just after Cameron won Best New Artist at the MTV VMAs and went viral with his queer pop anthem “Boyfriend.”

In conversation with Billboard, Cameron admitted that she didn’t expect the song to go viral. In fact, she “never thought it would end up on the EP if I’m being honest.” She casually posted a video of the unfinished demo version of “Boyfriend,” and to her surprise, it immediately took off, peaking at No. 16 on the Hot 100, No. 2 on Pop Airplay, and No. 4 on the all-genre Radio songs chart. For Cameron, who debuted on Disney Liv and Maddiethe success of the single released by Disruptor Records/Columbia Records cemented her adult music career and, more importantly, was a validation of her queer identity.

“It means the most to me,” she shares. “It’s healing for me to have this experience.”

Due to her victory at the VMAs, there is now speculation that the rising star could be a contender for a Grammy nomination in the same category. In conversation about the singer/actress, boss of the Disruptor Records label adam albert said of his work ethic, “[Dove’s] been in the studio every day and written so many amazing songs,” says Alpert, “So stay tuned.

Cameron said of the agreement with Sony Music Publishing: “I am so excited to join the Sony Music Publishing family where they continue to grow and support me as an artist and songwriter. With this partnership, I look forward to providing my fans with music that can become the soundtrack of their lives.

VP of Creative at SMP Thomas Kröttinger adds: “Dove is a brilliant songwriter – her creative authenticity has not only led to chart success, it has enabled her to become an important voice representing the LGBTQ+ community. We are delighted to welcome Dove to SMP, and we look forward to supporting her in this next chapter.

Author Linda Trinh seeks authenticity Fri, 23 Sep 2022 23:07:24 +0000

In March 2021, my nine-year-old daughter was making “Stop Asian Hate” signs for a rally I was taking her to that was raising awareness about anti-Asian racism. As she tried to figure out this problem, one of her favorite activities was playing a multiplayer online game where she could care for virtual pets and hang out virtually with her friends IRL. At that time, my six-year-old son asked me not to put sticky rice with dried shrimp in his lunch anymore because his classmates made fun of this Vietnamese food. Along with this food drama, the activity that brought him the biggest smile was creating sets of battle mech building blocks.

I was writing what would become the Nguyen Kids series at that time. Watching my children and remembering when I was a child, it seemed like everything happened at the same time, the good and the bad, the big and the small.

To write engaging stories for young readers, my goal is to reflect children’s IRL experiences, which means writing about “all things.” My intention is to include siblings by doing what all children do – playing, spending time with friends, going on adventures –and situations (uncontrollable) that can make them uncomfortable and question themselves. Incorporating aspects of my Vietnamese cultural heritage is also very important to me, as culture is an identity factor. I strive to write stories that reflect the lived experiences and identities of certain readers and that are relevant and entertaining for all readers.

In the first Nguyen Kids book, The secret of the jade bracelet, Anne Nguyen, nine, deals with her ballet teacher who directs racial microaggressions at her. In Book 2, The power of the pearl earrings, Anne’s eight-year-old sister Liz is kicked out of school because her classmate behaves in a sexist way towards her. Unfortunately, children often experience these types of situations in their own lives, especially children from historically marginalized communities. For this reason, it was important to me to include themes of social injustice in each book in the series in an age-appropriate way and with accessible language and vocabulary.

Each book in the series is told from a brother’s point of view speaking in an unfiltered and immediate way. They are characters who make mistakes, speak negatively about themselves, no longer know how to act and have fears and regrets. They describe their emotional reactions, both immediate and persistent. Although some readers may not have experienced these kinds of situations directly, I hope they can relate to the feelings. Have they ever felt like there were knots in their stomachs, their palms were sweaty and they just wanted to go hide? Young readers often feel “disgust”—“Something’s wrong”/“I don’t like it”—without yet having the words to express it. I hope that reading about children who openly express these feelings will create a way to better understand unfamiliar and sometimes difficult experiences.

In all the books in the series, a child asks another child, “Are you okay?” as a way to reflect empathy. I read stories of kids bullying each other, kids being mean to each other, and siblings arguing. While these are authentic experiences for sure, it’s also authentic that the children are kind, that they are friends and allies, and that the siblings care about each other. It was important for me to show it. I want to write stories that convey everything – the range of emotions and experiences children have that are often not recognized by adults.

It’s a sad truth that the world doesn’t wait for children to reach a certain age or reach a certain level of development before traumatic events occur. So, as a parent, I crave stories that explore issues like racism, sexism, discrimination, and hate in a thoughtful way. Then my children may be able to recognize and begin to understand on their own how to handle these situations as they grow and develop. This is the power of stories. I appreciate how young readers are open and curious and feel deeply. As an author, I want to tell the stories that young readers will read and re-read, think and talk, and say, “I feel seen!”

Linda Trinh is a Vietnamese-Canadian author living in Winnipeg. The Nguyen Kids is published by Annick Press.

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A version of this article originally appeared in the 09/26/2022 issue of Weekly editors under the title: Write on “All things”

Dunkey launches Bigmode, an independent video game publishing company Thu, 22 Sep 2022 23:07:41 +0000

Video game content creator Jason “Videogamedunkey” Gastrow has established himself as one of the most popular video satirists, critics and essayists in the field. This week, the YouTuber added a new role to his resume: video game editor.

Gastrow, whose distinct comedic voice has earned him an audience of millions, will fund video games of his choice through newly formed independent game publisher Bigmode, co-founded with his wife and fellow content creator Leah.” Leahbee” Gastrow.

Dunkey, as the creator is best known, broke the news Wednesday on his YouTube channel. In a video, Gastrow recounted his own career as a content creator dedicated to showcasing “truly inspired artwork” in video games, while excoriating titles he described as “takes soulless money”. Gastrow said he was inspired to start Bigmode out of a desire to help create good indie games in a market he called “a sea of ​​mediocrity”, where quality titles are buried by subpar releases. mean.

“I’m not looking for creative control over your games, but I want to be involved,” Gastrow said in his video as an introduction to potential clients. “Bigmode will be about developing the games and the developers. We’ve put a lot of effort into creating the most developer-friendly contracts possible. I think we’re going to bring insane value to the table.[.]”

In the ad, Gastrow said he would be a good editor due to his decade-long experience as a game reviewer. He also assured his audience that his content would remain unchanged in the future.

If video games are today’s rock music, Videogamedunkey could be its Lester Bangs

Gastrow is the latest in a wave of influencers who have immersed themselves in game development. Gaming collective One True King has invested a minority stake in Notorious Studios, which is working on a fantasy role-playing game. Esports organization 100 Thieves is developing its own shooter. Controversial streamer Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm co-founded studio Midnight Society to develop a game with blockchain capabilities. (Before streaming, Beahm worked as a community manager and level designer for Sledgehammer Games).

However, few influencers have started posting companies. Gastrow joins Game Grumps (a YouTube collective that released “Dream Daddy” and “Soviet Jump Game”) as one of the few creators involved in delivering titles.

As a prominent figure in the gaming industry – Gastrow has 7.2 million subscribers and 3.5 billion views on YouTube alone – Gastrow’s unveiling of Bigmode immediately drew a mix of responses. Most of the talk has been about Gastrow’s lack of experience in game development: he has never created or published a game before.

“It’s exciting to have more publishers reaching out to new audiences – friendly competition between publishers is great for developers, potentially signals better conditions for teams, and creates a hopeful future for a more inclusive creative economy – especially when gamers are involved in the co-creation process,” Evva Karr, founder and CEO of video game consultancy Glitch, wrote in an email to The Washington Post. past, Karr has worked on strategic partnerships at Activision Blizzard and as a publishing consultant at Riot Games.

Yet, wrote Karr, “It can be difficult to balance a hands-off approach while having enough creative control to deliver the best possible game to gamers. It’s difficult to ship, sell, market games, negotiating with platforms, navigating distribution channels, and defending and doing well the teams that make them until you’re in the thick of it.

Video game journalist Danny O’Dwyer, founder of the Video Game Documentary Channel no clips, expressed his concerns about Gastrow’s new venture while wishing him the best. O’Dwyer tweeted that reviewing games does not translate into development capability and that indie developers are unlikely to work with an untested publisher.

“I’ll just say that I don’t know many freelancers who want an involved editor with no experience or industry representative,” wrote O’Dwyer. “To me, his value is in selling exposure on his channel. Must be interesting to watch.”

Indie game designer Dave Hoffman, creator of the musical puzzle title Mixolumiaechoed O’Dwyer in a more critical tone.

“Dunkey started a publishing house with the philosophy ‘I’ve played so many games that I know what makes them good and bad, so I’ll only publish the good ones’ about learning things at the hard.” tweeted Hoffman.

The video game review process is broken. It’s bad for readers, writers, and games.

Josh Sawyer, design director of Obsidian Entertainment studio Noted this lack of experience has not stopped many other publishers and developers. Jason Schreier, journalist and author of the books “Blood, Sweat, and Pixels” (about the difficulties of game development) and “Press Reset” (about the volatile corporate environment of the video game industry) joked that saying that Bigmode is not exceptional among game publishers.

“I can’t believe Dunkey started a video game publisher with no experience instead of taking the normal approach: get an MBA from Harvard, work at McKinsey for five years, then flunk between C suites for the rest of your life”, wrote Schreier on Twitter.

Both Jason and Leah Gastrow tweeted their thanks to supporters who had greeted Bigmode’s unveiling.

“The response to Bigmode has been amazing!” tweeted Dunkey. “Thank you very much everyone, we look forward to bringing you good things.”

The Bigmode website is online and receiving apps developers. Interested particles can specify publishing needs such as porting, marketing, localization, PR, and funding requirements. Notably, Bigmode rejects all projects that use non-fungible tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrency, or any other form of blockchain technology.

]]> Future Sells Publishing Catalog For Reported Eight Figures Tue, 20 Sep 2022 19:37:00 +0000

OUSD no longer publishes its COVID data Sun, 18 Sep 2022 23:32:20 +0000

By Zack Haber

The Oakland Unified School District is no longer releasing data this school year to notify students, staff, parents and the public of positive COVID cases in schools.

“The district is responding to all positive cases that we are made aware of,” OUSD spokesman John Sasaki wrote in an email to the Post News Group. “However, in accordance with state and county guidelines, we are no longer aggregating and cleansing data in the same manner as last year.”

Over the past school year, OUSD, along with neighboring school districts, released regularly updated dashboards that informed the public of positive COVID cases both districtwide and in schools. individual. While the OUSD has retired its COVID dashboard, the Alameda, Berkeley, Emeryvilleand San Leandro Unified School Districts continue to update theirs.

In an email, Berkeley Unified School District spokeswoman Trish McDermott wrote that her district continues to “share our case count information with our community on our dashboard to inform their own choices regarding masking and testing”.

Spokesperson Keziah Moss wrote that the San Leandro School District has “continued to operate seamlessly with our staff and families.” Moss called the publicly available COVID data “useful for everyone as we monitor health and wellness in our schools.”

In an interview with the Post News Group, OUSD parent Innosanto Nagara expressed frustration over the removal of the dashboard and also questioned the adequacy of the COVID testing and data collection process. ‘OUSD.

“Without the dashboard, I have no idea how many students have COVID,” Nagara said. “But it’s not just the dashboard that’s gone. Basically, the whole monitoring, testing and reporting system is also gone.

According to Nagara, last school year her son was tested for COVID twice a week at the school he attends, Melrose Leadership Academy, but that practice ended.

“Before the start of this school year, our school sent an email saying you could come and take a test,” Nagara said. “And that’s all I heard about the tests.”

According to Sasaki, OUSD’s decision to remove its dashboard is “in alignment with” a resolution the school board passed on June 22. The resolution no longer requires the district to release its COVID data and ended bi-weekly testing at all schools. Although the district is still required to distribute take-home tests to students and house staffed testing centers, there is no requirement for the number of tests that must be distributed or the number of centers that must stay open. Sasaki says rapid tests are available for any symptomatic or exposed students. This month, OUSD has two to four test centers for PCR testing open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., roughly the same hours schools are open.

Board Director Mike Hutchinson, who introduced the resolution, told this reporter in a message that the intent of the resolution was to “reset the district’s response to COVID this year, so we’re in alignment.” with the state and the CDC and always have the flexibility to change if needed.”

“Fortunately, we don’t need the same level of testing or reporting as last year,” Hutchinson wrote. “It is good news that we have been able to scale back and modify our response to COVID.”

All elected trustees currently serving on the school board voted to approve Hutchinson’s resolution. Director Kyra Mungia, who was appointed to the board, had not yet taken office at the time of the vote.

In an email to this reporter, board director Sam Davis wrote that if he had been “an advocate for greater availability [COVID] data” during the past school year, he “saw no reason to put off” Hutchinson’s resolution for this year. Davis called collecting and reporting COVID data a “big lift” and wrote that “it doesn’t feel like schools should be burdened with doing this work when it’s not done for one. places where people congregate in large numbers, usually unmasked, such as bars, concerts and restaurants, in a way that probably contributes much more to community transmission than schools.

Board trustees Aimee Eng, Clifford Thompson and VanCedric Williams did not respond to multiple requests for comment on this story. Director Gary Yee did not respond when asked why he voted to approve Hutchinson’s resolution, but wrote in an email that he believed Superintendent Dr. Kyla Johnson-Trammell was true to her intent.

During public comments from a school board meeting on August 24, Dorothy Graham criticized OUSD for no longer publishing COVID data.

“How are families supposed to understand the spread of COVID in our schools and the risk to our students without data? ” she asked.

Graham is a former director of the Alameda Health Consortium and has over 40 years of experience in public health. She is also a high-risk COVID individual with a grandson who attends an OUSD school. In an interview, Graham said she felt OUSD was shifting its response from collective responsibility to individual responsibility. Like other districts in the region and nation, masks are now optional at OUSD. Grahams is critical of the district’s choice to no longer release COVID data when ending required masking could put more people at risk and feels it’s especially important now that people have access to COVID data so they can do informed choices in risk assessment.

“The data dashboard provided imperfect but vital information to understand where things stood,” Graham said. “You could see the spikes in the cases and know how urgent it was to test.”

As the OUSD school year began in early August, the CDC was saying COVID transmission was high across the Bay Area. It’s unclear how widespread COVID is now and if it poses less of a risk this school year. Vaccinations protect many people against the worst symptoms of COVID, but their potency decreases over time and more than 25% of college students and 45% of black college students are unvaccinated.

It is also unclear how widespread COVID is currently in Alameda County. Since last spring, private and public health institutes and departments have been saying that COVID case rates have likely become increasingly underestimated as home COVID testing is more available while government testing is less available. The increased ability to test independently has caused people to report their cases to health services less frequently. That of the county data dashboards currently show that the rates of reported COVID cases over the past four months have fallen sharply. They also show that COVID-related hospitalizations and hospitalization rates have increased sharply over the past six months or so. The county is currently administering testing at about the same rate as it did at the start of the pandemic.

Graham thinks few people talk about the OUSD-related COVID issues.

“I was the only person to mention the word COVID at the board meeting,” she said. “The voices you would expect to speak on this are not.”

Teachers, students, and the Oakland Education Association had been speaking out on COVID-related safety issues for the past two school years. Last January, teachers at OUSD protestedas did students, in independent non-union sickness and/or walkout actions calling for better COVID safety measures. AEO pressed the district and negotiated on security issuesand finally reached a security agreement this included the free availability of high-quality masks in all schools. This year, however, there have been no COVID protests. None of four ballots OAS released the word COVID in them this year, and its website no longer has a navigable page for COVID resources.

In an emailed statement to this reporter, OAS President Keith Brown wrote that “we cannot let our guard down against COVID.” Brown pointed out that the agreements made with the district last year have continued this year. These include providing classrooms with quality air filtration, providing substitute teachers in classrooms, and ensuring that “OUSD maintains a stock of high-quality masks and rapid tests”.

According to Brown, the OAS has also encouraged greater transparency when it comes to COVID data this year.

“Our security agreement sets the minimum, and we will continue to encourage OUSD to go beyond that,” Brown wrote, “including transparently reporting known cases.”

In the meantime, OUSD parent Innosanto Nagara and grandparent Dorothy Graham remain unhappy with the district’s COVID procedures and want more transparency.

“I feel like we sent kids out this year like COVID was over by district concerns,” Nagara said.

“I think they removed the dashboard very prematurely.” said Graham. “Why is it controversial? Publishing the data should only be common sense.

IPG expands its publishing business Fri, 16 Sep 2022 23:27:31 +0000

IPG, the 51-year-old Chicago-based distribution company, has launched a third brand, IPG Publishing, which will focus on co-publishing and licensing projects, as well as proprietary and custom publishing. The imprint joins Chicago Review Press and Triumph Books under the Distributor Publishing umbrella.

IPG Publishing is led by Richard T. Williams, vice president of development, publishing and licensing, who explained that the imprint gives the company the ability to use all of its existing resources – its internal teams of Publishing, Sales and Marketing, its Print Relations and Digital Print Center – to publish books that showcase the IPG brand.

The new brand debuted in June with the release of Don McLean’s American pie: a fable, a children’s picture book based on the 1972 song. It was published in partnership with music and film producer Spencer Proffer’s media production company, Meteor 17, with an initial print run of 10,000 copies. The 18th edition of Better Homes & Gardens New Cookbookwith his classic red plaid jacket, will be released, with an initial print run of 60,000, on October 25 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Better homes and gardens magazine. The cookbook is published in conjunction with Dotdash Meredith (formerly Meredith) and reflects that company’s decision to cease publishing its own titles in favor of licensing agreements. In November, IPG Publishing will release another youth album in partnership with Meteor 17: broadway baby by Russell Miller and Judith A. Proffer.

Williams said IPG Publishing caters to customers who want more than just distribution services and whose content cannot register under the CRP or Triumph imprints. He pointed to BH&G’s cookbook – “which didn’t seem to work” with CRP’s quirky roster or with Triumph, which specializes in sports books – as the perfect fit for the new imprint.

In its role as a publisher, IPG Publishing is able to obtain better printing rates for its clients’ titles, while giving them more visibility with accounts that recognize the IPG brand. “A lot of it is about being well-marketed and branded across the industry.” said Williams. “We use our brand as a distributor to publish a book which we then guide through the process on our own, in addition to distributing it.”

The addition of high-profile licensed books published under the IPG Publishing imprint enhances IPG’s overall distribution mix, Williams added. “Not only do we have the Better homes and gardens cookbook here, and our existing clients there – we also have the program with Spencer Proffer which allows us to expand in all directions and get better exposure for anything on the list.

IPG Publishing already has a number of titles scheduled for release in 2023: two or three books will be released in partnership with Meteor 17, “including links to additional legendary songs,” Williams said. He also signed licensing deals with Dotdash Meredith’s southern life review for a Southern cocktails book, and with coastal life for a Eat at the beach recipe book. There may also be “a few other exclusive publishing projects” that represent “a new area for us”, he acknowledged, especially as they involve the IPG editorial team developing content .

Speaking of his vision for IPG Publishing, Williams said the company’s goal is to employ “different models – different ways of using IPG to continue to grow our services by reimagining what a distributor is meant to be. “. As IPG Publishing asserts itself in a changing industry, he added, “its future is open. We are excited to know where this will take us. Maybe a partner will come along and give me ideas that I haven’t even thought of yet, but are worth exploring.

A version of this article originally appeared in the 09/19/2022 issue of Weekly editors under the title: IPG expands its publishing activity

Lagos Department of Justice Partners with Law Pavilion for Electronic Publication of Laws | The Guardian Nigeria News Thu, 15 Sep 2022 03:31:00 +0000

The Attorney General of Lagos State and Commissioner for Justice, Mr Moyosore Onigbanjo (SAN), said that all state laws are now accessible online as the state is now partnering with a pavilion Legal to facilitate legal practice and make laws available to the public.

Onigbanjo, who said so yesterday, during a press briefing to announce the launch of the publication of the law online in partnership with the Law Pavilion, held at the Ministry of Justice Complex, Alausa , Ikeja, said the partnership would contribute to the speedy dispensation of justice. , which would give citizens better access to justice through dynamic legislative reforms and respect for the rule of law.

He said, “The agreement is for the annotation of the laws of Lagos State and the conversion of the laws to the agreed texts and publication format on the Law Pavilion electronic platform. This means that the annotated laws of Lagos State would be accessible to the public, and in particular to lawyers around the world.

He said those who wish to access the laws of Lagos State have the option of purchasing the full laws or subscribing annually through the Law Pavilion platform.

According to him, the laws of Lagos State available on the Law Pavilion platform are the compendium of 2015 as well as all laws that have been enacted from 2015 to date.

In his address, the Managing Director of the Law Pavilion, Mr. Ope Olugasa, highlighted the importance of digitizing legal practice to facilitate dispute resolution.

He said the new development is the first of its kind in the country, noting that his company has developed annotations for around 265 laws in Lagos State for use by judges and lawyers.

Olugasa said the initiative would provide judges, lawyers and other legal practitioners with easy access to up-to-date state laws.

He pointed out that the speed of administration of justice in Lagos State had just received a boost.

Furthermore, the Executive Secretary of the Lagos State Law Reform Commission, Ms. Ninilomo Bashal, disclosed that the commission will soon embark on translating all laws of the state into different languages.

‘Build Awareness’: Renowned Polka Musicians Buy Publishing Company, Aim to Elevate Stature of ‘Vibrant and Surprisingly Complex’ Music | New Sun, 11 Sep 2022 22:01:21 +0000

WINDBER — Musical virtuoso Zupe, from Windber, has taken his love of polka to another level.

Two years after producing the Grammy-nominated polka CD “Na zdrowie!” (Nostrovia!),” the composer and producer has teamed up with veteran accordionist Alex Meixner, of New Braunfels, Texas, to take ownership of Music Publishers of America.

“We’ve been friends for years and always wanted to work together,” said Zupe, who received a text message from Meixner in January that simply read, “Do you want to buy a publishing house with me?”

The message led to a phone call that got the barrel rolling.

“That sounds pretty cool,” Zupe told his new business partner. By the end of August, the men held the publishing rights to nearly 1,000 registered copyrights to original compositions, arrangements and lyrics.

The company’s primary business is the sale of music associated with Music Publishers of America’s predecessor – the historic Vitak-Elsnic Co. – which is considered the world’s premier collection of American polka music, setting the standard for the genre that represents German, Austrian, Slovenian, Czech and Polish across the United States.

Zupe and Meixner plan to use their combined talents and decades of experience to take the vast collection and modernize it for use in the 21st century.

“Polka music should be held in the same high regard as jazz and classical music,” Zupe said. “It is the music brought to this country by immigrants that has contributed to the industrialization of our country. It’s an integral part of the cultural fabric of this nation, and I look forward to introducing more people to this vibrant and surprisingly complex music.

Meixner, whom Zupe called his “Head Polka Commando” on “Na zdrowie!” is a fourth generation polka artist with Austrian and Czech roots. He has entertained audiences around the world since he was 6 years old.

“I’m excited to build on the rich history of music publishing company Vitak-Elsnic in its next chapter,” Meixner said. “This catalog has played a big part in my personal musical soundtrack, across three generations of my family, and I look forward to working with Zupe to bring this music to the world for its past, present and future relevance.”

With a credit card and a few mouse clicks, musicians and bandleaders can download sheet music arrangements of polkas, waltzes and marches from their website.

The physical music library is archived in a few locations – one being Bowling Green State University in Ohio, which currently has two copies of each piece in the print catalog in the music library.

“We formed with them in 2014 the Polka Preservation Fund,” Zupe said. “It’s a large library of sheet music, as well as our sound recordings and even some musical instruments, if I’m not mistaken.”

Zupe said the music he and Meixner now own the rights to is a big part of his family’s legacy.

“It’s personal to me,” he said. “My mother’s father was born in what was Czechoslovakia to two Russian parents.”

The polka music he heard in the depths of his youth on Sunday morning radio shows and at firehouse weddings has now become a defining genre that led to his most successful musical project to date. day.

“Na zdrowie! has won 23 national and international awards.

Handing over the reins to Meixner and Zupe, corporate tax attorney Steven D. Harris of Virginia Beach, Va., said in a press release, “Since its founding, there have been only four owners of Vitak-Elsnic Co. For the past 14 years, I have had the honor of being the steward of this priceless piece of American musical heritage.

“In addition to their musical prowess, Alex and Zupe have boundless energy and enthusiasm. I am confident that they will continue the process of not only preserving and promoting the catalog, but also developing it in new and exciting ways.

Disney Publishing Worldwide unveils slate of books and covers at D23 Expo 2022 Fri, 09 Sep 2022 20:57:47 +0000

As part of D23 Expo 2022, Disney Publishing Worldwide has unveiled a list of books and their covers, coming soon as part of The Walt Disney Company’s new D100 celebration.

What is happening:

  • Disney Publishing Worldwide has unveiled the covers for Disney’s new D100 Celebration. The books invite fans to celebrate a century of beloved stories from The Walt Disney Company with behind-the-scenes content from every decade.

  • Disney History: 100 Years of Wonder – The Walt Disney Company celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2023. As part of the festivities, this must-have book showcases the company’s rich history and legacy – past, present and future – through vibrant voiceovers and illustrations and photographs rare from Disney. .

On October 16, 1923, Walt Disney and his brother Roy founded what we now know to be The Walt Disney Company. Walt’s passion and vision continue to inspire creative development throughout the company. As a result, Disney characters and their stories have touched the lives of generations of fans. They encourage the belief that dreams really can come true.

As an official traveling exhibit companion to the Walt Disney Archives and SC Exhibitions, this beautiful coffee table book is a treasure trove for pop culture enthusiasts, artists, art collectors, and Disney fans.

  • Walt Disney: an American original – The Walt Disney Company celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2023. As part of the festivities, this must-have biography tells the story of Walt Disney’s life, told like no other book can!

Walt Disney is an American hero. From Mickey to Disneyland, he changed the face of American culture. It’s a success story like no other: a man who made animated film an art form and made a massive contribution to world folklore.

After years of research, respected Hollywood biographer Bob Thomas has produced a definitive biography of the man behind the Disney legend: the uneducated Kansas City cartoonist who, when he went bankrupt on his first film adventure, is became the genius who produced unparalleled works of animation, and was ultimately the creative mind of an international entertainment empire that enchanted generations.

Accompanied by a collection of rare photographs, Walt Disney: an American original is a fascinating and inspiring work that captures the spirit of Walt Disney.

  • The Official Walt Disney Book of Quotes – The Walt Disney Company celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2023. As part of the festivities, this must-have quote book features ideas from Walt Disney, along with rare Disney photography.

Walt Disney once said, “There is more treasure in the books than in all the pirate booty on Treasure Island and deep in the Spanish Main. . . .” This has never been truer than in these pages.

This collection of quotes from the co-founder of The Walt Disney Company ranges from the well-known to the obscure, but all are sure to entertain, enlighten and inspire. His lyrics have been gleaned from publications, productions and interviews throughout his incredible career. Some are simple nuggets of homemade wisdom, while others are statements of knowledge gained while making the enchanting movies, television shows, and unprecedented experiences that are so cherished by audiences around the world.

The Official Walt Disney Book of Quotes has been compiled for anyone wishing to learn more about a man who had such an incredible and positive impact on his time and on the future to come: Walt Disney, the Showman of the World.

  • The People Behind Disney Parks

Meet the people who created Disney theme parks around the world! Through rare illustrations and photographs from the Disney theme park, this must-have collector’s book features over 280 biographies and features more than 50 pages on the evolution and behind-the-scenes of Main Street, USA around the world , up to and including the fairy tale castles at the end of every street.

Careful observers will notice intricate details throughout the Disney parks, including the names emblazoned on the buildings’ windows. In particular, the windows lining Main Street, USA at Disneyland and the magic kingdom are designed as business cards for fictitious traders. These names belong to the true “all-stars” who have helped make Disney theme parks a reality around the world. The people listed on these windows are skilled actors, artists, business owners, Imagineers, songwriters, and more. With their imagination and sharp skills, each person has made a significant contribution to The Walt Disney Company.

This voluminous tome is a gift that Disney collectors, theme park fans, and anyone curious about creative careers through the arts, sciences, and research development will appreciate for decades to come.

Tarred and feathered red: when scholarly texts haunt the Philippine editorial scene Mon, 05 Sep 2022 05:32:05 +0000

It’s historically wacky because it’s no less deadly that the anti-Communist Cold War crusade and red-marking trope has gained new vigor in the present day. Our historic moment is now its most decadent when the country’s worst elite captured the reins of state by corrupting the electoral machinery of formal democracy.



Lately, NTF-ELCAC staff have been working hard to earn the amount they are paid in a cult’s Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI) television program studio. Their red-marking task was not a given, as they had similarly done during the reign of Rodrigo Duterte. They regularly level “terrorist/communist/enemies of the state” charges against institutions and individuals targeted for a living.

They used the weapon of massive intimidation, relying on the support of those in power and the cooperation of the armed personnel of the State. Yet such intimidating bluster is only inversely related to the temporal fear felt by citizens. Why, if fear is contagious, so is brave dissent, they answered.

The truism that the so-called “paper tigers” cannot grasp so far is “where there is oppression, there is also resistance”.

And the ploy of blaming scholarly works and authors on communists, as a danger to the status quo, is neither surprising nor novel nor novel in the history of Philippine publishing. The propaganda of anticommunism was and is a cottage industry held and maintained by mediocre minds who cannot be considered citizens of the Republic of Letters (cf. Francesco Barbaro).

If industry means “economic activity concerned with the transformation of raw materials and the manufacture of goods”, then the earnings of red-taggers accumulate in the shameless fabrication of lies that result in intimidation and shame. It is no wonder that the disappearance of government funds from the National Youth Commission (NYC) has been reported and exposed by the Commission on Audit (COA). A glaring example cited by COA, such wrongdoing has garnered national attention as a public outrage.

The minimum amount of P651,999.73 remains unexplained as NYC waltzed with the NTF-ELCAC in their so-called anti-communist campaigns . However, a much larger amount of 3 million pesos totaled by COA still not refunded when red tagger Ronaldo Cardema was with NYC from 2018 to 2021. Red tagging as a cottage industry generously rewards the unimaginative clerks and rude servants of the national task force.


The fixation of anti-communism in our society reached its hysterical moment in the so-called Cold War of the 1950s. As you might expect, the red marking of books and authors was not new in history. publishing in the Philippines. In 1956, “cold warriors” Jose M. Hernandez and Simeon G. Del Rosario went public with their slander against historian Teodoro Agoncillo’s award-winning biography of Andres Bonifacio, The revolt of the masses. The notorious duo endeavored to publish an 84-page “examination” of Agoncillio’s work affirming his Marxist and therefore communist parentage. The work the duo invested in producing anti-Communist tracts will probably amuse us since Paralde, Badoy and the NTF-ELCAC factotums are now intellectually lazy in comparison.

The duo referred to their work as a “comparative presentation” (p.1) which is a simple textual juxtaposition of Agoncillo with that of classical Marxists and a number of progressive Filipino authors. They sought to smoke out the “subversive character” of Agoncillo’s “proletarian literature” (p.2). Hoping to catch on, they proclaimed their “right and duty…to clarify and explain our analysis of the [Agoncillo’s] book” (p.3). Red marking is a voluntary act of free association.

Wickedness was the usual bittersweet portion of red-taggers, they wrote: “we have no proof that Agoncillo is a member of the Communist Party” (p.3), but as a successful proletarian writer “must appear to be telling the truth even if he is lying. It is the highest mark of efficiency that this type of Marxist propaganda yeomanship can attain” (p.51). Hernandez and del Rosario casually exchanged Marxism and communism without sharp nuance, for them “they are always one in principle” (p.28).

The historian’s text has either been overread or misinterpreted as one that prognosticates favorably of the revolution in its quote: “I hope that with the data that I have included in this book, that I have interpreted, other students of the Revolution will be inspired to continue where I started from” (Hernandez & del Rosario, p.31; Agoncillo, printer’s copy p.9). This was malicious sleight of hand with honest scholarship as a preparatory project for revolution. Should a historian be held accountable when the moment for the realization of his ideas has arrived? Agoncillo, as a historian, was not at fault when he happened to find that “revolutions are the locomotives of history”.


A comprehensive history of post-World War II anti-communism in the Philippines remains to be compiled. And in writing the history of the period, the active role played by the imperialist geopolitical machinations of the United States cannot be underestimated. The ideological-political nursery of Southeast Asian countries has been steeped in anti-communist tropes by the various agencies of the US government. The fabricated discourse on the cold war that divided the world has been actively cultivated to become hegemonic. Societies, peoples, institutions belong either to the so-called “free world” or to the “totalitarian/communist world” and are separated by an “iron curtain”.

Simeon del Rosario, as a cold warrior, chose the historian Agoncillo for having a subversive agenda, a specific person of interest, an example of an anti-communist crusade target. The record showed that for more than 25 years, del Rosario was “engaged in the struggle against communism, nine of them at the headquarters of the Southeast Asian Treaty Organization (SEATO)” (Simeon G. Del Rosario, Commission for Countering the Communist Ideology 1967, back cover). This means that the salaried work of anticommunism did not begin with the creation of Rodrigo Duterte’s NTF-ELCAC, the roots were there then.

There was this mean or partisan choice that eliminated space for those who wanted to remain unaffiliated. Then writers like Salvador Lopez, Manuel Arguilla, Federico Mangahas, Jose Lansang who scrutinized the reality of the country’s underclass were considered pesky leftists. Inevitably, the critical historian Agoncillo was tarred red and feathered as a communist enemy of the state.

It’s historically wacky because it’s no less deadly that the anti-Communist Cold War crusade and red-marking trope has gained new vigor in the present day. Our historic moment is now its most decadent when the country’s worst elite captured the reins of state by corrupting the electoral machinery of formal democracy. The fundamental premise of a decent and convenient life will probably crumble under the prospect of long Hobbesian years. The long years of precarious living are the years we would live dangerously. And embracing knowledge will be a condition in extremis so that “those who want to enlighten must endure the burn”. (