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A car loan is a credit form that is specifically meant to finance the purchase of a new car. After all, a new car can mean a big bite out of your savings. Of course, it can also happen that after a long search you finally find the perfect car or that you urgently need a new car. However, you do not have the total amount immediately behind. It is not uncommon to have financing for this.

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You may not be surprised that the car loan is a popular loan. Most people do not have enough money to pay for a car in one go. With a car loan, you can borrow 100 to 110% of the purchase price. Almost half of all car purchases are financed with car loan Online at BridgePayday – just use your title. This development offers a wide range of car loans. A car loan often has a lower interest rate than another type of loan and is also well suited to your personal situation. This loan form can be used for the purchase of both a new and second-hand car. In addition to the passenger car, caravans and motorcycles are often also eligible for a car loan. You can also choose to take out an ordinary personal loan for the purchase of a car, but you are likely to be much more expensive. It is not for nothing that a specific loan has been created for the purchase of cars. The lender does have the right to reclaim the car when you are unable to pay the car loan. An ordinary personal loan does not require a guarantee or right of pledge on the car. This means, however, that the lender has less certainty that you will repay the full loan amount. Because of this risk, which is not the case with a car loan, an ordinary personal loan is a much more expensive form of loan for buying a car. It is in all cases much more interesting and sensible to take out a car loan for the purchase of your car.

The course of a car loan

It often happens that borrowers have an unclear picture or insufficient knowledge of the loan they want to take out. It is certainly advisable to ensure that you have sufficient information before taking out a loan. The car loan can be described as a standard loan that always has the same course. It is an installment loan, so you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises. When you take out a car loan, the lender will pay the full amount to you in one go. You then repay a part of the loan amount each month. In most cases, this loan form uses a fixed interest rate. This allows you to easily estimate how the price of your loan is developing. Characteristic of this form of loan is that lenders place a pledge on the car. As previously mentioned, this will ensure that the cost of your loan is low.

Calculate car loan

The range of car loans is large and you profit as a consumer by comparing different providers. This way you can close the loan that is most favorable to you. Of course, you would also like to know in advance what your possible car loan looks like. A tool to trace this is the so-called car loan simulation. By using this you can quickly and easily find out whether a certain car loan is beneficial for you. Performing such a calculation is free and without obligation. You are therefore not obliged after a trial calculation to conclude a car loan with the relevant party. You have to take into account that the outcome of a car loan simulator is indicative. Although it is an indicative price, it is in most cases that this price is close to reality. This often involves small differences and this makes the use of a car loan simulation absolutely not superfluous.


You always have to deal with a credit agreement for a loan. In theory, it is always possible to adjust the content of this agreement. If you do not do this, you agree to the basic agreement. This usually means that you can count on a low cost of your loan. If you wish to change the content and do not agree with the basic agreement, this will affect the cost price. This also applies to the car loan, which is cheap thanks to the guarantee from the lender. The agreement stipulates that in the event of default, the car can be seized. A car loan is affordable thanks to this guarantee. Suppose that you would remove this condition in the credit agreement, this means a direct increase in the cost price.

Duration and interest

The term of your car loan is a condition that is flexible. You decide the duration of a car loan yourself, but it is advisable to limit it as much as possible. You keep the costs lower when the term is short. Paying a car loan for 5 or 8 years makes quite a difference. In general, you can say: the longer the term of your car loan, the more expensive you are. This makes the term an important factor when taking out a car loan. Another important factor to watch out for is interest. Due to the presence of a guarantee with car loans, this loan form has a cheap interest rate. In general, interest rates on car loans are below 10%. However, the interest differs per provider and some providers distinguish between new and second-hand cars. Therefore, always compare different providers with each other to find the car loan that best suits your expectations and wishes.

Closing the car loan

Do you have a car in mind, but is the financing the only thing that stops you? Then close your car loan with one of the providers. Of course, you can first compare providers and calculate your car loan via the car loan simulator. After that, it is only a question of choosing and before you know it you drive in that beautiful car.

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April 9, 2019